• Accommodation rates range between N5,000 per bed a night and N10,000 per room a night.
  • Our reservation call lines are: 0806 473 6169, 0802 262 4654, 0704 193 4730
  • We are opened 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, but bookings must be done in advance to avoid
    disappointment, due to our limited spaces.

  • The Centre has very strict rules which will be handed out to users of our facilities. These rules must be obeyed.
  • There is public power supply, backed up by a reliable alternative source for 24 hrs a day.
  • There is adequate water supply water supply from our private borehole and the water is treated and hence, very clean.
  • For lodgers who come with their drivers, accommodation is provided at our staff quarters at a minimum of N1000 per bed per night.
  • There is sufficient parking space around the Centre and our security system is reliable.
  • Local/Satelite TV viewing is available in the Restaurant for those who may want to keep in touch with current affairs. GSM service networks are receivable at the Centre.

  • For Reservations call:
    - 08064736169
    - 08022624654
    - 07041934730